Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Our Story - Part 1 - Before Oct 14th, 2009

Our story begins way back in the good ol'days... short version of part one. My husband and I met in high school, he was a Sr, I was a freshman, we "went out" for the better part of the year then went our separate ways. Then my Jr year, we got back together and have been since.

We found out that we were pregnant on Jan. 10, 1996, four days after my birthday. We were very young, but we were extremely excited. Our first Dr apt, went for a sono, no heartbeat. We miscarried our first little Angel on Feb. 10, 1996, whom we have named our Angel Baby. We were approx. 3 months pregnant, but with the size of the baby, we could not tell what we would have had, or what happened. At that time, we were told all of the things that you just don't want to hear, mainly, "this is for the best". It was very tough on us, but we somehow made it through.

We married on Oct. 4, 2003. We wanted nothing more than to have a family. We had been together for 8 years at that time and had "officially" started trying that summer. I had gone to the dr for a prenatal appointment, at that time not thinking anything would ever be wrong. Well, we had tried for 5 1/2 years to become pregnant on our own and to no avail. In that time we went to 4 different Dr's., diagnosed with PCOS, diagnosed w/ Type II Diabetes, tried Chlomid 3 times, charted dates, took numerous pregnancy test, and no baby. We were told that we could try the more aggressive ways to get pregnant, IVF, IUI, but I was not ready for that.

Finally, this past summer of 08, my husband and I came to the realization that it would be the 2 of us for the rest of our lives, and we were both OK with that.
Of course, we still "kept trying", and we were not doing anything to prevent getting pregnant, but thought, it's been this long, it's not going to happen. With out watching the calendar, our lives became less focused on getting pregnant.

I had also given our quest to be parents to GOD. If we were meant to be parents, it would happen. A favorite saying of mine used to be, "Let go and let GOD", and that is exactly what I did.

We went on vac. on Oct 10, 11, and 12th, and had a blast! We got back on Sunday the 12th, went to work on Monday. Little did we know, Tuesday the 14th, our lives would change forever!

It will always be special b/c it was our first vac. together, and because, looking back now, I realized our little miracle was growing inside me and I didn't even know it!


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