Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sites that help me

We do not have any support groups close to us, so I spend a lot of time online looking for online support groups. It has helped me by seeing how others are feeling, what they are going through, what to expect. In the beginning, I was looking for something to tell me how to feel, how long I should feel that way, what I should do and how to do it, but I have figured out, I feel the way I feel, and there is no right or wrong way to feel, and it will take forever to feel better. And if I want lay in bed all day and cry it is OK, if I want to be mad, it is OK. Anyone who has lost a child will probably never get over it, it might just get easier to live with the pain.

Here are some sites that I use: (this is stories of Mothers who have lost their Babies) ( has a good list of infant loss web sites that you can choose from) ( faith based) (alot of info here) (they have some good newsletters)

Again, these are just a few sites that have helped me through that moment. There are so many helpful websites out there, I hope that you can find ones that help you through your time of need.

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Heather said...

Thank you for posting these sites. I will surely check into them.